24 Jun 2010

Seriously…we went to hell…

Hell Michigan, Livingston County … 42°26′05″N 83°59′06″W
This place exists…for real…

It’s population is about…215…and you wouldn’t guess it by the 2 buildings..(a store and an Ice..((wait for it)) SCREAM shop) but ya..it’s there.

It’s pretty cool to see these lil towns…I enjoy this and love exploring.

It’s funny what you find in these backroads, instead of taking the big interstates, we ventured off into the minor highways.

We were driving at a normal speed when I slammed the brakes in front of the Brembo factory. (No pun intended) We saw beautiful country homes, awesome landscape and roads you just want to throttle down on…mind you…the state troopers and Sheriff’s here in their menacing Dodge Chargers make you think twice.

After heading down I69 towards Indy..we finally ran into trouble…

Smacked a really hard bump on an overpass and as luck would have it my driver side tail pipe clamp took the beating. A quick grab of a 10mm wrench and the tail pipe was our third passenger for the trip to Fort Wayne. I’ll borrow a lift in Indy and bolt it back up.

Ahhh….the joys of driving a lowered sports car on a long road trip…

So we’re checked into a Hotel in Fort Wayne Indiana, just enjoyed a great dinner and are gonna simply…do…nothing tonight…

It’s onto Indianapolis tomorrow so check back!


Jun 24th by Bannon

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  1. Hi Bannon, seem’s like a nice trip ur doing!!

    hope ur having fun !!!


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