So..finally, here we are, a bit into June…the site has been moved to a new theme, and I got lots to share.

So let’s get started.

The WR04 is set to hit the track this week. We’ll be heading to Napierville Dragway either Tues or Wed for practice. With the entire new suspension setup, we’re not expecting a 10 second run, but I would be happy with a couple low 13 second passes by the end of the night.

I was on the dyno a couple weeks ago over at Technika Autosports and we ran pretty lean and had to be careful.

This past Thursday, after checking over pretty much everything in the car, nothing found, we tied it back up to the dynapack. Air/Fuel was back to normal and the car is running strong at around 270RWHP. For the mods done to it, this is around here it should be on a dynapack.

Fred gave me a hand with the alignment, it toes straight but looks like I’ll be adjusting the bump-steer before I get to do any lapping.

Jun 13th by Bannon

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