The Gofast World…


Well since you asked…here’s a little about us and what we do. was opened for business in 2008, specializing in Mustangs and other fast Fords. We’re a private, appointment only race shop in St.Lazare (just west of Montreal) doing bolt on modifications, parts sales and installation, tuning and general maintenance.

Over the past couple years that ended up growing to include other makes and models, domestic, imports, powersports…pretty much anything from a daily driver to a go fast machine for street or strip applications.

Woods Racing WR04Our In house 2000 Mustang GT

We started off supplying Steeda parts, but have grown to include other manufacturers such as Ford Racing, Brembo, Tokico, Vortech, Mickey Thompson…pretty much any part that you need, we can get whether it be domestic, import or JDM.

We race our in house 2000 Mustang GT and our 1988 Mustang LX 5.0 at a few tracks including Napierville Dragway, Mirabel (ICAR) and Sanair Speedway, and sometimes venture out to great destinations such as Mosport, GrandBend Dragway and St Thomas Dragway…we’ve even seen a little track time in Indianapolis.

In 2009 after searching for an oil supplier, we became closely involved with the Amsoil group with a ton of help and support from Gabe Gerberding over at He helped us setup, learn and start the distribution of the high end synthetic lubes available from Amsoil. This took off faster than we expected. We ended up opening and completely merging with, which takes care of our entire lubrication side of the business.

We have quickly grown to be one of the biggest Amsoil dealers East of Toronto and West of the Atlantic. We continue to work with the Amsoil group to offer our clients the #1 Synthetic Lubricant in the world. We pretty much cover everything from daily drivers, to racers, farming, powersports…hey, anything that needs lubrication, we have a solution.

We continue to grow, learn and help shape the racing scene here in Montreal and are bringing new and exciting things to the business. Surf around the site a bit and see for yourself the cool projects we’re working on.

So that’s us in a nutshell, if you have any further questions, comments, or even just want to say hi…feel free to shoot us an email at We’d love to hear from you, and thanks for taking the time to learn about us! Stay tuned for some cool pages as we further build our site.