So ya, just topped off another week here and things are moving along.
Lotsa oil this week, well that’s nothing new, but also started work on this year’s Cornwall Fireball Enduro car.
Picked up this 1993 Acura Legend and am in the process of converting it into a lean mean derby machine.
Now, when the car got here, it had no brakes, head gasket is gone, cooling system was full of sludge and it had no power at all. I mean, NO power, but the sunroof worked!
I flushed the cooling system, changed the plugs, removed the airbox and charged the battery and I can finally chirp the tires from a stop. By the time it’s done, there will be nothing but an engine, seat and steering wheel. Nothing flammable or breakable.
Stay tuned for more of the build, its quite fun! Also, gonna load some pics of the cars we had in here this past week..


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Aug 21st by Bannon

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