16 Aug 2010

End of Monday here…back from the trip and back at the shop.


Looks like there is some catchin up to do. We’re gonna get started on what we’re callin’ Project “Mouse Hunter” which is a 1992 Cougar with a 5.0L HO in it. It’s been sitting for a couple years, but last Monday before we left, we dragged it to the shop, up on the lift and got it started. It seems to be ok so far, so fingers crossed!


Always been a fan of these cars, these and the Thunderbirds, SHO’s, Probes…any specialty SVT/SVO car really. I first started out playing around and racing T-birds back in the day and have owned a few of em..today I still have an SHO, an 88 T-Bird and of course my Mustang, but ya, there was something special about those off the main course cars that I loved…and still do!


To this day, my 1991 Super-Coupe is still my favourite. The best car I ever drove. It handled, it went fast and I’ll tell ya, was comfortable as any luxury car out there! I loved the whine of the Eaton supercharger as you topped out in the gears. I miss it and will own another one some day!

So I’ll keep you posted about this build, it’s sure to be a good one. I love making these cars go fast!

Aug 16th by Bannon

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