Last week a couple buddies and me escaped the clutches, brakes and fumes of the shop and bolted up to Mont-Tremblant for a couple days.

Now, there is one thing like, packing the kids up, fighting in traffic, yelling at road ragers but the other is throwing a back pack and a 24 in the trunk and leaving.

We chose the latter.

We left the WI around 7pm or so and headed up the 13 to the 640…broke east and caught the 15. This is the bad part. The good part is that just when it looks like the city is fading in your rear-view, The Laurentian’s come into view. As many times as I’ve been up there, it’s always breathtaking. Everytime.

Driving up to Tremblant is itself a trip. It’s only an hour or so from Montreal, but it’s a completely different world. The roads curve, incline, decline, pass through valleys and gives you access to views that make me a proud Canadian.

Once you arrive, the town doesn’t give up…no way…driving through the villages and side roads is almost worth the trip itself. Surrounded by trees, water, mountains…who could ask for anything better. (Don’t mention the salt flats).

If you’re a fan of taking pictures, there is no shortage of places for that either. We stopped many times over the couple days and snapped pics. I love doing that, I think it’s my way of documenting a trip. I always seem to want to have my car in the shot.

Now of course, in every state, province and country there are always special views, attractions and things to see. The drive up to Tremblant is surely one of my personal favourites though. It’s one of the first places, first drives that I actually stopped to think how lucky we are to be able to catch this kind of scenery not an hour or so from home.

So wherever you are, if you’re passing through Montreal, take a couple hours, or even a night and scoot up there. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Aug 02nd by Bannon

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  1. The roads are also of higher quality than we’re used to in Quebec due to Tremblant’s touristy nature.

    Taking the 327 up to Tremblant is a great way to go, but even if you choose to stay on the highway, there are still some really fun curves and amazing scenery.

    I drove up at night, and in the St-Sauveur region especially its really really unique. The highway winds through the mountains and if you’re lucky enough to be in a convertible or a car with a nice big sun roof all you have to do is look up and you’ll see lit up mountain chalets nestled in the cliffs: really, really cool.

    We drive these great cars that preform so well that we never even see 70% of their limit in our everyday monotonous city drive… its only once you venture onto the winding country back roads that you’re able to stretch their legs a little bit and re-appreciate your car’s capabilities.

    It gives meaning to handling, turn in, braking abilities and heel-toe.


    After you’ve got your adrenaline kicking a little bit, I strongly recommend relaxing by checking out the Tremblant nightlife/bars, take it from me… its nearly as fun as the drive.

    And that’s saying something.


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