Everyday, while driving near or around my house, I see this place with a 1950’s era Cadillac, a mid 80’s Porsche and another vehicle which I’m not sure of its make. It looks European, maybe maserati or something of the sort, and they never move. Not because they’re broken, I mean, the gentlemen keeps them in pristine condition but the stay in the same place.
I, as a driver and lover of all things that go fast can’t imagine owning such beautiful cars and doing nothing with them but shine the bumpers. My mustang, its my baby, but let me tell you, I built it to drive! I beat it up, rip corners and test the red end of the rpm gauge. I guess to each their own but that’s not my style. I’m pretty sure that this is where the term trailer queen came from.

It makes me wonder, if you owned a vehicle, either something sporty or luxurious, that was made to drive…is it insulting to never move it? On one hand you’re maybe preserving it, but on the other….it was made to see asphalt. If I was the vehicles designer I would be upset.

What do you guys think?
In the meantime, I’m gonna go burn some rubber with the WR04.

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Jul 31st by Bannon

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  1. Hi,
    New to your blog. I agree whole heartedly. Cars and trucks are made to be driven. I personally am to new to “fast car syndrome”. I just purchased a 300C a few months ago and am loving the thing. So fast and so responsive. I understand theres many vechicles out there that are faster but theres no better feeling to beat up say, a Magnum or something like that. To drive in luxary and to have the speed is great.

    Thanks Woods Racing and keep up the good work!!

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