So…as you can imagine, we take oil pretty seriously around here. Being involved with the Amsoil group, and of course, running the show with this is something we’re proud of. We do some pretty advanced stuff with oil, fluids and lubricants.


I regularly sample the oil in the WR04. I run the car, take a bottle of the used oil, and send it off to the lab. Once OilAnalyzers Inc takes a loko at it, they get back to me with a full report. Shows me if I have to much fuel or water, contamination’s,  metal wear, dirt…all kinds of stuff. This helps us make decisions on what kind of oil to run, how long to run it, and if the oil is working its magic.

WR04 Sample

Taking an oil sample from the WR04


After the race in Toronto, and once the team was back and had the cars unloaded, I took a sample of the #75 car from Fastco Motorsports. As of now with part of their sponsorship, they are running Castrol 5w50 Syntec. The oil has run for about 2 hours in the car..and we wanna know if it’s working.


Taking an oil sample from Fastco 75

Sample Sheet

Filled out Data Sheet for Oil Anaylzers


I’m going to send off the samples and when it gets back, I’ll have some much more detailed info about how this oil is working and what needs to be done to better improve the performance. We’re also going to do a test with the #75 car, Amsoil 15w50 vs the Castrol that is in it now..can’t wait to see what happens!


Stay tuned for the results!

Jul 23rd by Bannon

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