And Sunday is race day folks…quite the busy one at that.


I headed out early in the morning and headed across the Pointe-Fortune ferry to get to Mirabel for the Mirabel Grand Prix. The Fastco team was racing the Hyundai’s in the CTCC class. ( for more info). The Fastco team runs the WoodsRacing logo on the front splitter in exchange for fluid tech support and product. It’s not often I can get away on a Sunday to watch a race so I was super excited to be there.

Martin, the crew chief, is one of the smartest in the business, and he does an amazing job orchestrating these crazy events.


Due to tranny problems in 2 of the 3 cars, Glenn gave up his seat to Lee, and since the car changed drivers, he started at the back of the pack. Even though it was crazy hot, and there was a lot of traffic on the track, Lee fought his way up to 11th spot by the time the checkered flag flew.


It was a great race, I love the series and glad I can help play a role in making these cars run awesome lap times.

Jul 06th by Bannon

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