After the Mirabel Grand Prix, I headed back west to Cornwall to watch the Dave Seguin 7x Team tear up the dirt track. This is my 2nd year with Dave and his team and I can’t talk enough about this class…every race I attend, I love and if I had the time, I would build my own car and join in…but for now, I’ll stick to being the primary sponsor for the 7x Nissan.


Coming off a heat win in Brockville Saturday night, Dave started on the pole for the 1st heat…now..track conditions we’re horrible to say the least and with his rear wheel drive power-house, he got stuck on the outside and got shuffled back.


The feature treated him much better though, despite seeing temp’s of +200, and blowing a frost plug out the side of the block, he passed the checkered with a 5th place finish…that will keep him up in the points, and hopefully keep the camera’s pointed at the Canada Synthetics / Woods Racing sponsored car.

Jul 06th by Bannon

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