Well, haven’t had a chance to update in a couple days..been quite hectic around here.

Let’s see, where did I leave last time…right…Monday..

Well…tuesday morning we hit the road..and headed north. We found our way up I69 and decided to stop in a museum …star cars and all. The General Lee, Batmobile, both Knight Riders…I was great!

They had everything from horse drawn carriages, to early firetrucks, of course the Hollywood cars, all the way up to latest nascar and drag car stuff. I also spotted some cool lapping cars as well…they had it all!

We made crossed the border, (sans earthquake this time) and we planned on going camping on the Niagara Escarpment…but…the surprising weather made us change our minds. We stopped for gas in Milton, and QUICKLY realized it was only 11 degrees. Seriously..in Canada…it’s like that haha. So we grabbed a Motel 6, some dinner and crashed out.

Jul 03rd by Bannon

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