03 Jul 2010

So ya, Wed we got back…kind of unpacked..but since Thursday was Canada Day I had to get the dune buggy prepped for the parade!

Now, incase ya’ll haven’t seen this work of art, it’s a 1961 VW SuperBeetle, and in lieu of a body, I gotz rollcages and padding. Powered by a 1600cc Type 1 motor, it’s an absolute hit.

Thursday morning we got it packed up, hitched up, and hit the road.

Every year we take part in this parade from Dorval Circle to Ste.Anne’s all along the Lakeshore. It’s great fun.

As we parted from the parking lot..I was all about 15 feet when the cherries came on behind me…and pulled over is what I got:

Guess I just had a couple too many Canadian Flags for these French only officers.

After bickering about this and that, and getting a french lecture about how I should run my life, we we’re finally off to catch up to the others.

Here’s some shots:

Jul 03rd by Bannon

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