Here we are, finally made it!

Yersterday morning we left Fort Wayne Ind. and headed down I69 en route to Indy. Not much out there…corn fields mostly, but did manage to ride with a few Mustangs..


Also, the state guard was moving some stuff around I guess so there was plenty of Army trucks…


Once we got to Indy, we arrived at my sisters place, had a drink, something to eat, and nope, no rest for the wicked…we were off to see Kansan, Styx and Foreigner down at the Verizon Center in Noth Indy.


Now…this was a crazy good time…all kinds of ppl were out to watch these older stars play and we just had a blast…we couldn’t have asked for a better welcome!

So, today, it’s off to see some more friends and playtime in the city…stay tuned!

Jun 26th by Bannon

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