Whoever said…”But it’s a dry heat” is sentenced to a year in a factory with no a/c.


It’s 104F here, and let me tell you…the WR04 HATES it.
This car is used to running in maybe…MAX mid 80 degree weather…


It’s not overheating, but I can feel the sluggishness. Thank goodness I have the Amsoil fluids in there to protect it.


To give you an idea how …”warm” it is…I have the STEEDA banner across my windsheild…now…one of the E’s got a lil torn in the Tornado like wind on tuesday..and now, the other E, along with most of the others have burnt..brown and burnt..I snapped a pic but I’ll try an get another one..

That’s not dirt or nothing..I tried to wash it off…not happenin…so..Monday..gonna stop in and see a graphics contact down here and he’ll get me fixed up..


We were by the race track earlier and there’s not much going on today, which is ok since we really didn’t feel like doing much walkin around or anything in this heat..so we’re back at the house for a few minutes and then heading to the best steak house in Indy, St. Elmo’s

Check in with you later!

Jun 26th by Bannon

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