Nothing but Tornadoes around here…was quite the light show last night…I was pretty sure that Catherine was gonna find an underground bunker and hide out for the night.

But is sunny, gonna be hot, and we’ll be hitting the road once again.

The trip over the border was ok…not much of a delay. I did learn however that the WR04 does not like..when put together, height, heat, and traffic.

The Bluewater bridge that connects Canada/USA via Sarnia/Port Huron is a tall….TALL bridge with the customs on either side. When you reach near the top the traffic starts. We were at 233ft up when we had to stop in traffic. We actually stopped the WR04 right on the border line which was kinda cool.

Bluewater Bridge

Stopped the WR04 right on the line

There are always interesting things to see along highways that you’re not familiar with…kinda like this warning sign:


We thought it was quite amusing lol :)

So…after some dinner, drinks and good times with our family here in Detroit..we’re of to explore the rest of Michigan!

Stay tuned!

Jun 24th by Bannon

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