23 Jun 2010

We’re down here in London Ont. Stopped in for the night and it was quite the interesting drive to get to South Western Ontario.

Weather was good…up until we hit Coburg that is. Monsoon like rain poured down on the WR04 like it’s never seen…and followed us all the way to Milton.

Now..we we’re smart…skipped Toronto via the 407ETR which bypassed the traffic.

It’s a toll highway, so I will get billed, but well worth it…looking at the Garmin Nuvi with live traffic updates…showed nothing but RED all through the 401.

So cheers to the 407…well worth the 12 bucks.

As always…there are always cool cars hanging out on the 401…we spent pretty much from Cornwall to Kingston in tow with a Ferrari, an Audi A4 and a Vulcan….although I thought that the WR04′s exhaust was loud…between the Ferrari and the bike…got quite annoying after a while.

Once we got to Woodstock, the Toyota plant really showed it’s presence…it’s a massive plant right off the highway..

They’ve built up lil hills around it so can’t see toooo much of it…but let me tell you…it’s impressive.

So after a quick night’s rest at a good friend’s house…we’re gonna make our way across the border via the 402/Sarnia Bluewater bridge…

Fingers crossed that traffic won’t be bad!

Jun 23rd by Bannon

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