And finally…a break…everything is all sewn, bolted, or welded together at the shop and it’s time to hit the road…

Headed out to Detroit, then onto Indianapolis…gonna see some real cars, real racing and a whole lotta highway.

I’ll be updating this as I go so stay tuned…

Detroit, motor city, the home of the big gear heads always have an attraction to Detroit…even if it is a lil run down, it’s still packed full of history, and I’ll soak it up while I have the chance.

Indianapolis…hands down the place I would live if I we’re to go to the USA…well…there or N.C…but anyhow..

What a great place, home of the colts, Indy car, and of course…most important, my sister.

Our whole family is either in the railway, or in racing, and that spreads us out across this plain we call home…I try to make it down there every year. I love going there, visiting the shops, seeing the history and relaxing all at the same time.

The city is built around the race track and you can feel the excitement when you’re there…between that, O’Reilly’s Raceway Park and the Lucas Oil Stadium where my beloved Colts play…it’s just an awesome place to be.

So..I’ll be updating with pics as I go, so come on back throughout the week!

Jun 21st by Bannon

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