23 May 2010



May 21st This week is coming to a close, and thanks to the nice weather, we got to work with the shop doors fully open…this is nice…especially after waiting allllll year to do so.


Mark, the owner of a wicked Audi A4 came by for his yearly Amsoil treatment..that's right..yearly…we run the Amsoil Signature Series 0w30 100% Synthetic Motor oil and an Amsoil EAO45 Oil filter in his car and it absolutely loves it. Extended drain intervals is something Amsoil and Canada Synthetics prides itself on and this is a great example…






I love these 03 Audi's, his partner in crime, Mel, also has an Audi, her's is the 1.8T while this one is the 3.0L. I don't know which one I would choose if I had the chance…but they both are wonderful cars and we are proud to work on them. (See the 1.8T below in an earlier post)


We also had a super clean 1988 Mercedes Benz 300E in for a diff fluid refresh. We chose the Amsoil SVG 75w90 for this daily driver. Now, it's not too often we come across a late 80's Benzo in this good of shape..very impressed..



I enjoy working on these rarer cars…it's interesting to see how they were designed and built…and this one, will be around for a long time.


The WR04 is ready to go, just waiting for an alignment, Fred (Derp's owner) is gonna help me out with that…after that..it's tdyno and track time this week!

Stay tuned!


May 17th


So the week has started and there's no time to waste..we want to get on the track but gotta tie up a few things here and there on the WR04.

Got the injectors cleaned up and back in..the car started with no leaks and all is good. Dropped the fuel tank and replaced the pump with an SVT sender…but noticed a broken gasket on the fuel tank filler –> tank. Although I replaced the filler neck last year..looks like I need to order another gasket. Hopefully my buddy Frank down at Hotte Ford in Hawksbury has one in stock.





 So as I noted earlier, Dave and the 7x car got onto the track yesterday and the car was running strong. In the first head Dave placed an easy 2nd place. In the featire race however, there as a bit of trouble. A little rub with the wall and trouble with the master cylinder cause a few problems…but no worries, the car is getting all fixed up and will be stronger than ever!




So stay tuned, more stuff happenin this week!


May 15th


So I'm sure hoping race season will get under way this coming week…at the very least, have the WR04 prepped and ready to go. The intake and everything is back together, just waiting on fuel injector cleaning, fuel pump install and an alignment.


Race season however has started with Dave and the 7x Nissan. For those who don't know, we sponsor a dirt track car built and driven by Dave Seguin of Cornwall Ont. He's a great guy with a great passion for racing. We're proud to support Dave, his 7x Team and the Mini-stock series at Cornwall Motor Speedway. The are more details to come, but here are some sneak peek shots of the car pre-logo:




We're excited for this upcoming season and wish Dave the best of luck this year!


We got Derek's Firebird onto the Dyno on Thursday. Thanks to Louis at Technika Industries for getting me in on short notice. For a car that needs a wash and some sanding on the hood, when it got strapped up to the Dynapack, it put down some good power…peaked out around 328HP/325TQ…not bad for these F-bodies. With a Magnaflow muffler, lower control arms and some Koni rear adjustable shocks, it'll help get this Trans-Am get down the track a tad quicker:



Mikey, a long time friend also popped by for an Amsoil treatment on his daily driven 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer. Pretty nice car I have to say..all the lil features you'd want, plus some surprising get up in that lil 4 banging motor.

 For him we went with Amsoil's 5w20XL oil and a Wix filter. We didn't forget about the engine flush and PI performance improver additive though..all this stiff together creates a great maintenance packacge that will keep that Lancer's fuel mileage down and years of great service.






May 8th


More busy times here at the shop, race season should be starting this week if all goes well…the WR04 needs about another day or so, alignment and off to the track!

The intake manifold has been removed along with the coolant that was pooled up in the v-block, Monday morning I'll get it back together…hopefully there won't be any more coolant issues!



Besides that, Luigi brought his Mustang in for a battery relocation and an Amsoil oil treatment..he's got a great custom car that is original and unique. Black on black, lambo doors with DEEEEP dish mags, a wicked custom dual side exit exhaust and a killer suspension system waiting to go in.




Derrick also brought his mean 95 Trans-am…(yes, we allow GM's in the shop…but they have to make a lot of noise and go fast!) in for some exhaust welding. I brought in Justin to work his welding magic on the mid section in preperation for the dyno session we'll have with it on Thursday. Stay tuned for the results!


April 30th


Lots done this week, especially to the WR04, lower control arms done and exhaust is done..next week I'll start on the intake replacement.


The lower control arms are a seriously nice piece from Steeda. All billet aluminum, adjustable, I'm very happy. Bit trouble to get on due to rusty stock bolts, but we handled it…




Of course, with those shiny pieces, makes everything else look so rusty and muddy…gonna have to fix that. The Steeda exhaust is also a nice piece, although the markings were wrong..L's and R's…a couple switcharoo's and the exhaust is complete..what a great sound…the Borla system stamped for Steeda is a great choice for any Mustang…






It has a really good, not annoying drone which is exactly what I was looking for…but when you open the throttle…it sure roars!




And of course, there was more than just the WR04 to work on…aside from the regular oil/tires/brakes we installed a CAI on Kevin's Hemi Magnum.

This car has some good stock guts to it…but Kevin…as I…it simply isn't enough…so here's first of many mods Kev!




April 28th


Got lot's done in the past couple days. Tires, brakes, oil changes…the usual…plus, got some parts back we needed and got working on project DERP.


We called on Randy again, he came by and gave us a hand with the drop in.




After some playin around…finally got it to seat in the mounts. From here on out it's plug and play. A couple pesky brackets and we'll put some Amsoil in it and get it started.



Of course…the snow storm we got yesterday didn't help things. Mother Nature was kind enough to drop a bunch of snow on us.




Today, it's a little quiter, so I'll have a chance to finish up the control arms in the back of the WR04, plus I'll be installing an Injen CAI on a Hemi Magnum.

Stay tuned for pics!


April 26th


Whoa! Sorry about the delay in updates! Been ultra busy around here. We've had some nice weather, and of course, that brings work! No complainin though!


The WR04 is close to being road/track ready, finished up the front earlier today. New Ford Racing control arms, ball joints, bump-steer and bushings.




Ran into a couple issues, but got em sorted out. Everything is back in place and ready for an alignment. You can see up there it's a great time to clean all in the wheel well while everything is out of the way. And on the right, the new control arms are stiffer, lighter and simply, that much better.





It's also a great time to do some maintenance such as new lugs and steering rack bushings. The car will be much tighter now. Have to remember that it is a 2000, so 10 years old and a few battle scars creates the need for some TLC



Everything back together minus the brake system, which the Powerslot/Hawk combo is going back on. You can see the Steeda bump-steer kit is a hella nice piece and will make life much easier for the alignment guys.


While I was at it, I also picked up a set of clear cornered headlights lenses..the stockers were worn, fogged and..well…ugly….what a difference, can't wait to see it out when the car is clean




Quite the difference eh! The car not only needs to go fast, but also needs to look good!


April 16


Wrapping up the week here, was another busy one, mags, tires, exhaust…all the fun things that come with spring.

Jason's blown 03 GT was in like I said, and that's all wrapped up with a new Magnaflow hi-flo catted X-pipe.



I really enjoy working on the car. It's fast, looks good, and sounds great with that little whistle coming from under the hood.



 There's something to be said about someone who builds a car correctly, and this car is well…well on it's way to being a Modular Powerhouse


The weekend is here so it's a couple days away from the shop and we'll start on some new projects this coming week as well as wrapping up some others…such as…PROJECT DERP!


Stay tuned for more!


April 15th


Sometimes it's hard to find the time to get on here, load the pictures, and try to remember what went on in the past while, but I'm doing my best! Busy times around which is a great thing. Been pretty busy with "Project Derp". The Miata engine swap…this one Fred and I are doing after hours, so it's taking a little more time than usual. It's a fun job, and Fred is easy to work with.




The old heart is out, and the engine bay has been cleaned. the new motor is basically assembled, just a matter of tying up some loose ends and putting it in.

And of course, we find a way to have a little fun at the same time.





We do have a good time while we're working….there's Fred tryin to boost the engine!


Last night, Mitch, from MJK Photography came by for a project he's workin on a project which shows Stereotypes in Urban Streetracing. I'm "playing the part" of the Good ole American style racer…I was super impressed by the lighting setup and how it all works…photography is always something I've been interested in, and I got to learn a little more last night. Great shots Mitch!


Here's a link to The MJK Facebook fanpage, take a cool , he's got some cool stuff on there.


MJK Group


MJK FanPage



Today I'm gonna get started on Jason's mean 03 GT. He was in for some maintenance and a dyno run around St.Patricks day, and he's back again to help cool that thing down. A nice hi-flo catted X-pipe from Magnaflow is going on along with some other maintenance related stuff. It's a super nice car, I love working on it. I'll be back a little later with pics!


April 8th


Hey everyone, things are rollin in the shop this week, had some cool cars in. Chris brought in his 95 GT 5.0 for an Amsoil treatment front to back…I'll always have a soft spot for these 5.0's. Their kinda in their own little mustang world…but cool nonetheless. Last year, we installed a BBK CAI along with some big 19" Replika mags wrapped in Falken 452's, and we're looking into exhaust options. It's running great, especially with the Amsoil 5w30 inside. It's only got 100k on it and it's easy to tell that it's never been winter driven and was taken care of.






We also started on the engine swap for Fred's Miata. The current B6 and tranny that is currently in the car has..well..seen better days. So it's getting a fresh up with a younger B6 and a tranny…that doesn't sound like a grinder while driving.





We started by getting the motor on the stand, removing any parts that were worn, and replaced anything that seemed troublesome. This was a good chance to change the timing belt and water pump. Much easier to do these things while the engine is out of the car. The cover has alos been sent out for paint…we're thinkin..TAKATA Green… 😉





Now it's a matter of removing the engine out of the car, taking what we need, and placing the fresh engine in. I'll be posting more pics as we go along!



April 4th


Easter weekend, but otherwise known as, "Everyone is in a mad rush to get their sports cars out!" I love it…mustangs are out in full force, seeing them all over the highway, not to mention those mean 2010's…what machine those are turning out to be.

Had the Fast Wheels Mustang in Thursday. Now, as far as 05-08 GT's are concerned, this is one of the nicest. As their corporate show car, it's got a ton of goodies. Awesome BOSS decals, one killer sound system, and a bunch of Steeda goodies I installed last year including an CAI, SCT tune and a bunch of underhood dress up pieces. It runs on Amsoil ASM and it's working well in the car.



I love the stance on this car with those 20" mags..gives it a unique, IM THE BOSS kinda look…but hey., don't be fooled, there's plenty of get up and go in this machine.





I could simply work on this car all day long…and I thank Bob for choosing Woods Racing as his builder. We've become pretty close with the Fastco group, also with the Motorsports division. There is more info to come, but here are some sneak pics of their awesome Hyundai's…





We're going to be doing some work with them, and the Crew Cheif Martin Cote this year, and can't wait to get started. Stay tuned for more!


 And since it is, you know, a holiday weekend, being off Friday, Catherine and I took off for the day. Didn't know where we were going, but it didn't matter. We actually ended up in Kingston after touring much of Eastern Ontario between say, Lancaster and Kingston. We played tourists and had a ball. We took the trusty Subaru which indeed, as luck would have it, blew out the mid-pipe so it sounded somewhat…you know…that funny my exhaust is broken sound. Didn't matter though, we still had fun despiste the drone from the free flowing 2.2.



We had a blast visitng old war spots…even enjoyed a great lunch in an old Irish tavern…great stuff!

But, it is back to work tomorrow and I'll be playing on a couple Mustangs, a Miata and well, whatever else comes by…

I'll be back with more throughout the week!


March 31st


End of March and things are rolling well. Couple busy days around here…I think it's Jeep week at the shop, good maintenance and oil for this bunch. I would like to thank JeepForum.com for they bring me a good chunk of my Jeep related work. One of the Jeeps I had in, did come from JeepForum by way of Danny and his 01 TJ. Now, there are some clean early decade Jeeps around, and this is surely one of em. He's a mechanic himself so he knows what's going on and it shows. He took an Amsoil treatment with an engine flush, Amsoil ATM 10w-30 and an EAO42 oil filter. He's well on his way to some good extended drain intervals. Here's a shot of that TJ:





I did get a chance to start up again on the WR04. Had some clean up to do while waiting on parts. I got a set of Tokico 5 Way Adjustable Shocks in for the rear, as I blew out a Koni last year. They're perfect for the track as I can set the stiffness to where I want in a matter of seconds, then set it back for the drive home…perfect. I'm also waiting on a set of Steeda Weight Jacker Alum/Adjustable billet Lower Control Arms. These will give me even more options and will save a bit of weight to boot. Hey, not to mention they look pretty boss under there. Hopefully early next week I'll be able to get to the bumpsteer kit and ball joints. Stay tuned though, some more exciting stuff to come!




March 29th


So after a cold, rainy, wet and muddy weekend, it's back at it in the shop…with this early spring, things are busy, which is good. Lot's of maintenance work. I'm a big, huge believer in maintenance…I mean, we spend $xx,000 on our vehicles, so why not do the proper work to keep our beloved cars in tip-top shape. It's a wise investment.


Tires are selling, especially with this winter tire law we have here in Quebec. We all were forced to put on winter tires, so naturally, as the nice weather rolls in, summer tire packages are moving well. We're also on our way to a great month with Amsoil products. It's really speading well around here. I find people are getting smarter about their cars and after doing their own research, they find their way here. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to continue work on the WR04…by the end of the week…some beautiful weather is coming and I want to take a ride. It's been couped up all winter, time to let loose Wink



March 26th


Plenty going on in the shop yesterday, but mainly, we started prepping the WR04 as I stated yesterday. It actually gave us a lil trouble. After cutting and removing the flowmaster exhaust, we tackled the upper control arms (UCA). Now, if you've ever done these you will know, that sometimes they go right, and sometimes, well, they don't. This was the latter in our case. Once we got the car up, secured and set, we removed the uca, passenger, and after unbolting, the axle shifted more than usual. I mean, out of place..far out of place. The bushings on the stock ones we're finished, destroyed which allowed the arm to flex. After cleaning out the bushing hole, replacing them and lining up the arm, it took some manipulating to get the axle back in place.We got it done by placing a small jack in between the axle and frame and pushing it back into place, while shifting the support jacks around. Needless to say, we got it done and we can't wait to take a good rip in the car to feel the upgrade.




You can see the new control arms here, the STEEDA package comes complete with the UCA's, bushings, sleeves and lube. Considerably stronger, lighter and it's just what we need to get the job done. On the right there is the stock arm in place.



Here, you can really see the difference between the stockers and the Steeda set. The old one is all bent out of shape, so results are pretty much guranteed Cool


Here are some more pics of them installed:




Along with our own car, we still had customers, Jacques brought in his 2004 Maxima for a mag/tire upgrade. As per Maxima's in Quebec, this one is super clean, they really are a nice sedan and now it has a sportier look with this FastWheels/Yokohama package. The F108 is a nice 7 spoke satin finish mag which looks 10x better in real life than in the catalogue. Steve Pender over at Fastco gave me a hand with fitment and Jacques is more than satisfied with the results.



 It was a busy enough week for us at the shop, but that doesn't mean there isn't any time for play. Wednesday night I was out at Catherine's place and we took advantage of the nice weather to take her horse Jet out for a ride. Jet is a beautiful quarter horse with a gentle attitude. He's actually quite cuddly for a horse. We had fun taking him out in the trails. I can't wait for those nice summer evenings and walks out in the forest.




And although he is only….1 horsepower, I must admit, the guy has some pretty good torque…wonder if we can get a horse on the dyno…hmmm….


March 25th


Today we start prepping the WR04 for this years race season…I know I know I know, we had all winter to do it..but hey, someone invented deadlines for a reason, we're just say, keepin that person in business ;).

I'll start by removing the flowmaster 44 system that is on there. I love flowmasters with cams, especially in a 2v motor, but they are a little old, and I did bust up the passenger side muffler at the end of the season last year. The new Steeda cat-back system will bolt right up to our Mac-Prochamber and will sound great while adding a couple HP's here and there. While the system is off, I'm also going to replace the upper control arms with a set of Steeda steel UCA's. This will help keep the car tight while launching and generally stabilize the car. The stock control arms are weak, flexible and don't hold up to our nasty, put you in the back seat type of launch. I'll be taking pictures as I go, so check back for an update!


March 23rd


 Wait a second??!! What happened to the great sunny weather we we're having? Oh well, guess we can't have it all…at least not for now anyway.

Another busy week lined up here at the shop, Amsoil is going fast, it's catching on around here and I'm glad I can help people save money. I have a return customer coming in Thursday, who went from 4 oil changes per year, down to one. Even though the Amsoil products are more expensive, he still saves himself over $120/year. Not to mention the time & hassle of going to 4 oil changes, plus the general fuel mileage saving that comes with an Amsoil synthetic, he is a prime example on how we can save you some money, even with a daily driver.


We're also seeing a growth in motorcycle oil sales, our MCF10w40 Motorcycle is really popular, especially with those cool metric cruisers like the Boulevards.


Tonight is a club meet with the EVF group, (epic-velocity.com) they're a bunch of local guys who started their own forum and it's quickly growing.

We're proud to be associated with this group and look forward to doing some cool marketing stuff this year. One of the members, Paul, made a video and entered the Betsafe.com gumball rally competition. Voting finished just this week and he came in second, and moves on to the next round. We will continue to support him and wish him luck for this upcoming round! If you have a second, I encourage you to stop in and vote for him…


March 17th


So just because it's St. Patrick's day, doesn't mean us Irish racers get the day off, but considering what is in the shop today, I'll gladly work!


Jason O'Rourke and his mean blown 2003 GT is here ready for some work. This 2v motor is equipped  with a Vortech supercharger, flowmaster exhaust, a ton of suspension goodies. It's here for some trouble shooting and a dyno run.A CEL diagnostic and oil change are first on the list before the dyno pull.




After fixing a rattle underneath from a broken clutch wing cover, and finishing up the oil/filter change, I'm headed of to strap this to the dynapack. Plugging in the X3 and making a first pull,Norm did his magic and fixed up the air/ratios. Looks like some exhaust and heat issues are the main troubles with the CEL. The car did make good power though, 350hp/350TQ is some good numbers for this car. It's also about a 20hp upgrade from when the car came in.

Jason's going to send it back shortly for some maintenance and performance upgrades such as new O2 sensors, spark plugs and a magnaflow mid-pipe to free up some air. I enjoy working on this car and look forward to giving it the Gofast @ Woods Racing touch.








St Patrick's Day 2010




St. Patrick's day over here at the Woods Racing shop, and of course, back at the house is not only a day, but a week long event. We've always shown our Irish pride during this holiday week and love to be involved with Community events. This year was the first annual Hudson St Patrick's Parade, and well, we couldn't let this one go without being involved somehow…


We sent down the Woods Racing dune buggy, in street form and dressed in Irish favours…it was a big hit, especially with the children, and of course, the full grown children who love toys with engines!


It was driven by Bannon Sr my dad along with my Niece Cassidy. Cassidy also lead the Brownie/Sparks troop downtown in the Montreal St. Patrick's day parade. She's an Irish Princess only 8 years old!


Here are some pics:








Good times were had by all…we're proud to take part in these types of community events and look forward to building something special for next year!


Happy St.Patrick's day everyone! 



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